N6EM “Maggie”

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Born: 1988
Died: Early 2020

Sire: Most likely K1 “Khartoum”, bay
Dam: N6E “Melting Snow”, sorrel pinto

Sex: Mare
Color: Bay pinto 

Longest time spent with one band: 16 years with N2BHN “VIP’s Son” 


Usual range: Tingles Island and surrounding marshes, and was usually found in the campgrounds and on the North End during the summer.

Interesting tidbits: Maggie’s presumed sire Khartoum maintained an enormous band of 22 in the early 80s, and no other stallion has even come close to that. Very few mares remained in one band for as many years as Maggie did. She was only with a new stallion because N2BHN died.

Make a donation in memory of N6EM “Maggie” here.  All donations support the wild horse management program which includes funding for Horse Management interns, food storage solutions for visitors, and educational supplies and materials to help people understand the negative long term impacts caused by interfering with the natural diet and behavior of the wild Assateague horses.