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Below you can see a listing of the 76 horses by Keiper Number, and by Name.   Any foals born this year will not be on the list until they are named.




Foal - N2BHS-APT - Bay Pinto Filly born 3/4/2021

Foal - N2BHS-AIOT - Chestnut Filly - Born early April 2021

Foal - N2BHS-JT - Chestnut Filly - Born mid-May

Foal - N2BHS-MT - Bay Colt - Born 5/14/2021

Foal - N9BFT-KPT - Chestnut Colt - Born Late May


When researcher Dr. Ronald Keiper began studying the Assateague horses in 1975, he developed a system that could identify, and trace the maternal ancestry of, each individual horse. The system of alpha-numeric identification numbers he came up with are now known as "Keiper numbers"

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