The beach and the ocean from on top of the dunes
Benefitting Assateague Island National Seashore and its Pristine Resources
Visitors painting horses at Assateague Island National park
Supporting Arts in Nature
Dawn at the beach
Providing Health and Wellness Opportunities
Monarch butterfly on a flower
Lifelong Learning
two horses resting with the sunrise and the beach in the background
Protecting Assateague’s Wild Horses and Their Habitat

About AIA

We believe Assateague Island National Seashore is a feeling! It's not just a spot on the map designated to protect a natural barrier island ecosystem and it's wildlife, but it's also a place to escape. To get lost and be found. A place that will envelop you with invigorating sea air and allow your heart to dance with the waves and playful horses. The island evokes the spirit of adventure and exploration in all who visit and that's why our volunteers and staff are so dedicated to this organization.

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Get Involved in Assateague Island Alliance

Connecting with AIA means you can choose to dip your pinky toe or dive in head first! Either way, AIA will grow stronger with your help. Together we can advance the scope of our projects for the exclusive benefit of Assateague Island National Seashore, it's wildlife and visitors.

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Foster A Horse

Do you love the wild Assateague horses? Foster a horse and your contribution will help support their health and longevity and preserve the social behaviors of the Maryland herd living wild and free on Assateague Island.

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